Denied At Wal-Mart!

Today my husband and I had to run and get diapers for my little Bub and the only place that has the Huggies diapers with the "yellow stripe" for a size 3 (most stop at size 2) is Wal-Mart. And they are wicked close to the house. Now let me just say (and I was strictly told by my husband, not to bash Wal-Mart, because of course that is rude) but I am not their biggest fan.
I remember as a kid when it first opened up in our area. I live in Maine, and when a Wal-Mart comes to town, it's a big deal. Especially when it plops right next to the slowly dying Ames. But ever since Le Target opened up in the next town, I moved my super-store loyalty. I know you understand....and for those of you that don' clearly are avid Wal-Marters. Okay, I promised I wouldn't bash, but I am a little peeved. 

So tonight, we as a little family, scampered off to Wal-Mart to grab 3 boxes of those coveted diapers, a George Foreman, and a bottle of white wine. I wanted to make chicken scampi tomorrow night for dinner, and I like to use wine, and I like to drink wine. Win Win! At the checkout I squeezed by my husband, as he was loading the belt, pushing my little boy in his stroller. Next thing I know, and I should have known because he was young, the cashier asked for BOTH of our I.D.'s. Seriously?! I wasn't the one buying it first of all. So it shouldn't matter. I had clearly walked away, about 20 feet, with the stroller, so to his knowledge I didn't even know this said husband checking out with the massive bottle of wine. Secondly.... I am 27.5...ALMOST 30!! Okay, so I have 2.5 years, but my husband constantly reminds me I am on the tipping point of 30, thanks. 
Of course, my husband and I went on date day (poor lost post), day before yesterday, and my wallet was sitting nice and snug in my purse at home. And since I had my diaper bag, that meant no I.D. which translated into me looking at the young boy saying "are you kidding me? I'm almost 30!" I am never one to question, talk back, or give sass, but I was peeved that he had just unscanned my wine!
I know one day I will be thankful someone is carding me, since forever more I will carry my I.D. on me. But when it happens and the result is me not going home with a big bottle of wine, I am not thankful. I just have to remember that just because I am pushing a stroller with a baby and I am married, doesn't mean that I am of age....
but I will leave you with this...
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Ramblings Of A Lost Post

So today's post was supposed to be something to think about and something heart felt. Yeah well that flew right out the window as soon as I hopped on my computer this morning, screaming baby on my hip, coffee getting cold, and cats nipping at my toes. I opened Blogger and was happy to see my "Quote Of The Week" post sitting there....until I opened it. There were two sentences and a quote, THAT WAS IT! No, no, no!!! I typed out paragraphs last night! UGH. I was so proud of myself for taking the time to write a post before hand (since that is my goal and all), just to have it smashed to smithereens. 
Apparently when I typed it out on my new tablet with the Blogger app, I never hit "SAVE". Seriously, we have to hit save in 2013?! Doesn't everything automatically just save these days. Guess not!

After joining in on the crying with my son, I decided to put my computer down and sulk for a few. Then I grabbed my tablet, after saying a few choice words to it (which I can't post because my one and only rule for my blog is no cussing), and I finished a book I was reading. Oh, and that makes reading 2 books in 5 days! *insert pat on back*

Okay moving on... I think someone is trying to send me a message. Not like a text message, but a you're fat and need to get in shape message! I started the workout T25, which I absolutely love and can't say enough great things about it (only because I have seen results, otherwise I might have to break my one and only no cussing rule). But since I have started this I need to look thinner before Thanksgiving journey I have started getting Fitness magazine in the mail. Now I have not paid for this, nor would I ever. Sure it's good and all, but I don't really care what you stick-thin ladies ate for breakfast, and how to take time off your 7 minute mile. I'm content with my 14 minute mile (ok 14:22...)!

I seriously think that someone is setting me up and sending me a message. 
This is why:
Back in high school I was dating someone that other the ladies in school were not happy about. Well they did everything they could to break us up. I swear this does have a connection. So these girls knew that the only way to get us to break up was through my mom...since she and I were very close and I valued her opinion...oh plus she put the fear of taking away my hair straightener in me!

So I get home from school one day to find my mother sitting at the table with American Baby magazine and 6 cans of formula (and having a baby now, I realize that stuff is expensive!!). Yes, someone had signed me up for all that stuff, hoping my mom would think I was pregnant. Well guess what ladies, it DIDN'T WORK! HA! (secretly hoping you are reading this...but you probably aren't - oh well). 

So I find it a little coincidental that I just started the T25 workout and now I am getting Fitness magazine....I will find you, whoever you are that sent it to me! 

So this is what happens when I don't hit "SAVE", I ramble. Hope you enjoyed. Oh and by the way..... I saw my computer "save" about 15 times while I typed this! Those tablet tricksters!


I just saw that my ALOHA FRIDAY  has been deleted! It's the stupid app!! I am not thrilled at all. I loved my ALOHA FRIDAY  this past week. :( Off to cry now....

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Guest Post | Jessica Lynn Writes

Hello, Simply Anchored readers! My name is Jessica and you can find me over at Jessica Lynn Writes. I'm a new mom to an adorable, bright-eyed little girl, a globetrotter who collects funky mugs, Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses, and digs truck stops, and an Air Force wife in the midst of a worldwide move (we just left their expat shoes in Italy and are back on American soil, calling Georgia our home for now). When I'm not posting pictures of my little one, you can find me sharing snapshots and tales about their European adventures, journey around America, good eats, military musings, and whatever else pops into my head.

Since moving is the only thing on my mind these days, I wanted to chat a little bit about the current state of our house. After one week of living here, I can safely say that the majority of the hard work is done. I spent the first day feeling completely overwhelmed at how much stuff we had (it seriously looked like our house threw up), but now that we tackled a few rooms, I don't feel anxious walking into my house anymore.

Once our bed got set up and I knew there'd be a place for me to crash at the end of the day, we moved on to setting up the kitchen. After living in a hotel for 80 days, I needed my kitchen back. Our house in Italy didn't have any storage, so being able to put every appliance in a cabinet here is pure bliss. After the kitchen was sorted, we moved on to setting up the living room; I needed a place to relax. Everything after that was up in the air.

We still have piles of boxes scattered around the house, empty bookcases, and rooms that are too daunting to even think about right now, but as long as our master bedroom, living room, and kitchen are in order, I feel much better about tackling the rest of the house.

It's so interesting to see how people's strategy for moving and setting up their new home. I posted this question on my Facebook page and loved the responses, so now I'm asking the same thing to you:

"If you've moved before, what's the first room you usually set up and what's the last room that gets finished?"Thanks for reading my guest post, and thanks again for having me, Victoria! If you want to read more, here are some links for you: blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Ciao, y'all :)

Baby's First Virus

I have not blogged in a few days, and I have a legit excuse: my baby got his first virus! Gah! It was so scary. Reece is just shy of 6 months, and on Friday he started to act differently. He used to nap ALL. THE. TIME. But since he turned about 4 months he dropped the naps and gained energy out of thin air. Even though I missed the chest snuggles I became accustomed to his sleepless days. So when he slept accumulative of 6 hours during the day on Friday, it was a red flag.

I had taken his temperature that morning because he seemed a little warm, and lets be honest, I got a new temple thermometer and I really like using it! It registered a little high, but nothing alarming. So I chalked it up to the fact that he was teething. Little did I know, his body was waging a war inside.
Growing up every time I said I was sick my mother always said "let me smell your breath". I thought it was a joke that she could tell whether or not I was sick by the smell of my breath. But by golly, she was right! All day on Friday my baby had a "sickly smell" to his breath! Unfortunately, it didn't register until he was already showing signs. 

That evening, right before my husband got home, he vomited all over himself. And I don't mean normal "spit-up" when they eat too much. He was drenched. But he just looked at me and smiled. So I changed him, wiped down his highchair he was playing in, and finished dinner. As soon as my husband came home and I went to pick my boy up I noiced he was soaked from chin to toe. Something was wrong I immediately thought. I quickly changed him, took the pizza out of the oven and had my hubby sit with him. 

Then it began. He started heaving, throwing up bile, and heaving some more. He went from smiling to barely able to lift his head up in a matter of 20 minutes. So what was I to do? I called my mother. She calmly told me to give it another 30 minutes then call her back. She is not one to panic and her advice is always spot on. So I waited, and he threw up more, so I called her back. We both decided I should seek medical advice. It was 9:00pm so the only place I could call would be the ER and talk to the on call pediatrician. So I did. The doctor was really great. He told me he most likely had a viral bug and to get some Pedialyte to hydrate him, since dehydration was the main concern. And if he couldn't keep it down to bring him in.

So my husband quickly ran to the store and bought two big jugs of Pedialyte and we administered the first dose. As soon as we got it down, my boy perked right up! It only lasted a few minutes then he was back to sleep, but it gave us hope. So we continued for the next hour. Then brought him to bed, and put him in the pack n play right next to the bed, instead of his crib. I was worried he would get sick in his sleep, so I stayed up all night monitoring. He slept through the night, resting his little weak body.

The next morning, since I was up all night, my husband got up with my boy and let me sleep. Thank you!  My boy was a new person that morning. He was so full of energy and full of smiles! It was the first time he had ever been sick, and as a first time mother is was rather scary. But thankfully I have a great support system around me and my family. 

My precious boy the next morning

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Okay my loves I have migrated from my Thursday's Three's to my ALOHA FRIDAY!

I have a special tie with ALOHA being that my husband and I went to Maui for our honeymoon. But it was so much more than a honeymoon, if I could live there I would. It was a life changing experience! I have traveled all over the world and not found a place I have loved so much!
So each Friday I will download what I love, learned, or lived that week!

Shopping with the hubby
Yesterday we went shopping together and let me tell you it was an experience. He LOVES to buy our little boy toys and will buy him whatever he wants. It is sooo stinkin' cute. We went to 4 different stores yesterday and our boy for 4 different toys! I can't wait to see how this continues when our boy is old enough for "big boy" toys...I think we need to win the lottery!

My Kitty Cat's
They have been the biggest source of entertainment this week! My boy has finally really started to notice them and he lights up when he sees them. 

Target Jeans 
FINALLY found a pair of jeans that fit!! Surprisingly I got them at Target yesterday. They are made by the Levi's company and they fit every postpartum curve and are flattering. Oh and the best part...they are only $24! Can't beat that!

Yummy Food!
I went to Italy a few years back and just fell in love with the food there. One of my favorite foods were the Caprese salad. So I decided to have one for lunch (sans the basil since I was out) but it felt good to eat healthy and have a little walk down memory lane with my taste buds.

Fall Foliage
Up here is Maine it is prime leave peeping season. The Leaves are changing rapidly and they are absolutely stunning! but I know all too soon they will fall to the ground and be covered by feet upon feet of snow... *sigh*

My baby boy is on the move!
He is so close to crawling which is amazing at 5.5 months, but also very sad because he is growing way too fast! I love that he is moving and growing and learning, but I wish he would slow down since he is only a baby for a short period of time. But here he is on all fours and rocking!

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Relationship Status | Lousy Friend

Have you noticed that since you gave birth to your little babe that your relationship status has changed among your friends? I have! When I first found out I was pregnant, I had so many friends around me wanting to share in the joy, but those without babies didn't stick around long.

After being pregnant for a few months I noticed that my friendships started to dissipate as they were off doing "non-pregnant" things and I was ...well not! Though we kept up through text messages, Facebook, and smoke signals, it started to be fairly obvious that what we had in common was getting slimmer and slimmer. 

Being a first time mom, I figured that once I had my baby boy things between my friends and I would go back to how it was pre-pregnancy. I was not prepared for the fact that I would ultimately lose a lot of friends. I figured I would be able to devote more time to them now, I would be able to do those "non-pregant" activities I longed for, and they could come and play with my little bub! HA! Wrong! 

So let's fast forward to after me having my baby boy and to the absence of friendships. In the beginning I was having a hard time with nursing and just figuring out the ropes of being a new mom. And in turn I pushed away a lot of people. I made myself unavailable for visits, and I rarely returned any type of message. But that only lasted for a short period. Once I snapped out of it and tried to get in contact with certain friends, it was as though they had completely moved on without me! I would get a "he's cute" comment on a Facebook photo, or a "Like" but nothing more. 

I know some of it had to do with me and the fact that I dropped off the face of the social planet for a small snippet of time, but we were supposed to be friends! So I got to thinking if it wasn't me, what was it?! The answer came quite quickly when I was able to finally connect with a good friend. We had nothing in common any more. We chatted about old times, but you can only do that so many times. I chatted about baby, but she didn't have anything to input since she wasn't there in life yet. We talked about her job, but I am now a stay at home mom so my job description is one she doesn't understand. I searched and searched during that visit for a meeting ground and realized that our status has changed.

It was a pivotal point sitting there with nothing to say to a friend who at one point I could sit and talk to for hours. I realized that since I have entered the wonderful world of mommyhood my priorities have changed. Once I got those two pinks lines I started making my family a priority and my friends took a back seat. 

I felt guilty at first, but then I realized that I shouldn't! I still have a few friends who love being around my boy and me (you know who you are!) and who are true friends. I will not give up being a good mom to keep my friends around. Those who are true friends will see that your life has taken on another facet, and they will be so incredibly happy for you. They will get it when you don't call for weeks on end, or when they don't see you for a month. They get it when all you talk about is baby and they will initiate those conversations! 

It is sad to see some friendships fade away, but one day when they have children of their own, they will understand why my effort has to go towards my child. Until then, I suppose we will continue to grow apart, and those mommy friends  I have made will grow stronger. I guess it is all apart in growing up...even at almost 30!

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Pinterest Power Party & Giveaway!

Hey there, blog-land friends! It's Wednesday - and that means it's time for this week's Pinterest Power Party!! If this is your first time here, thanks for joining us! Each week, we host this party in order to focus on YOU - our fabulous readers! If you've got a DIY project, frugal gift idea, delicious recipe, or tip, link up!! We want to see them!!

This week, our fabulous sponsor is Denise from Pretty Pillows & Decor!

Denise, we'd love for you to introduce yourself!
My husband and I were married for 13 years before our first child came along, all the way from Russia. Of course I wanted the best for her nursery (I had waited so long for a baby!), but didn't care for much that stores had to offer. So, I sewed most of the decor for her room; curtains, quilts, blankets, stuffed bears, bedskirts, and more. (Would you believe she latched onto a silky little blanket bought from the store? Ha!) 

I first learned to sew in a high school home economics class, but it was really my mom who nurtured my love for sewing and taught me how to use patterns and operate her old sewing machine, which weighed almost as much as I did at the time. As an adult, I had a professional career for 20+ years, but enjoyed coming home from the office every day to work on crafts, cross-stitch, sew clothes, and started learning to quilt as well. I am always researching sewing styles and techniques, and new ideas for creative sewing.

Denise is offering one of our fabulous readers a beautiful chevron pillow cover! Check out these beauties!! The winner will get to choose one cover from TEN different colors! Sweet!

You must enter your email address to enter to win. Please know that we will not be selling your email address or sending you spam! We simply need a way to contact you if you win.
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 Wanna be a sponsor? It's easy, peasy! You just need to offer a prize to one of our fabulous readers. Danielle will be setting the giveaway up each week to go along with our party, and your blog or business will get major FREE exposure! If you're interested in sponsoring an upcoming Pinterest Power Party, please email Danielle.

Alrighty, are you ready to get to the party?! We are too!
Sew Much Crafting

Taking To The Sea On A Stormy Day

It isn't often that my husband and I get a day, much less a few hours, without our precious baby boy. But when we do we make sure we have good time! Well today was no exception. My husband, who is a Maine Commercial Lobsterman, took the day off due to rough seas. Coincidentally my mother also had the day off, and he and I both had things we wanted to get done. He wanting to get bait for his haul tomorrow, and I wanted to go to "Home Cheapo" (as my husband calls it) for new shades and some paint. My mother, Grandma, gladly accepted the offer of having my boy for the afternoon, since she was just baking pies in the kitchen. 

So we packed up the baby, rain gear and all, it was windy and extremely rainy. Then dropped his little cute tush off at Grandmas. We headed straight to Home Cheapo and made a beeline for the paint counter. I was wicked excited to pick out my purple paint (for a project I will post later) when I noticed this sign:

Ladies, is it not true?! That made my entire day... then I looked over at my husband and he just rolled his eyes...because he knows it's true! 

After the purple paint selection (done by moi) we headed over to the Panera Bread drive-thru... best invention ever! I deviated from my normal Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT and went with the Tomato & Mozzerella  Panini - it was an excellent selection! If only I had taken a moment to take a picture before I devoured it. Oh well, an excuse to buy another.

Okay, let me speed things up and get to the interesting, life threatening part! As I had said my husband needed to get bait for his traps for tomorrow, which entails us hopping on his 33' long lobster boat and heading over to the bait shed. Now must I remind you, it was rainy and windy, and because of that the seas were rough....rough enough for him to take the day off! Oh but it was fine for us to go out in....

So as we pull up to the pier and grabbed his older brother to join us (he needed bait as well) I looked out at the sea. Not really impressed with the waves, I asked if it was totally necessary to go out. The answer was yes. Then I promptly asked how much life insurance we had taken out on my husband....I mean I have to be prepared! 

To get to my husband's boat, he has to row out in his little dinghy (hehe) then bring to boat to the pier so we can jump on. I was a tad frightened because he only has a few inches clearance in that little tike, and it was quite swelly. 

But thankfully he made it. Once we got settled and we started to move, the boat got tossed by a few big rollers and I, apparently, looked rather frightened. And instead of those two men consoling me, they decided it was funny, and laughed. My ego was just shattered.

Thanks guys!

I clung on to the boat for dear life as we headed into the fog and away from land. All for what? To get a few trays full of dead fish? Yup! But I was promptly reminded that I was the one who wanted to tag along ...silly me! 

Not shortly after we got to the bait shed and they started loading the trays. I had no desire to partake in that part of the excursion, so I manned the boat and played on my cellphone. Too bad the service sucks out there which drained my already half-gone battery and it died within a good 10 minutes. But not before I got this picture of my boy....asleep on Grandmas kitchen floor... (I swear she has magical powers with that child!) So I had another 50 minutes to sit and stare into the fog. 

It was actually quite nice, after I got over the fact that I was soaked, cold, and a little nervous about the ride back. I got a little time away from baby duty and I got to spend time with my husband doing something that is so second nature to him. 

Next time I go out, it will be in smooth sea's, and hopefully with a glass of wine!

Oh and here are the shades, and curtains my husband came and hung at 8pm tonight! Oh and my 5pc bed spread I scored at target on clearance for $23 (originally $114) and the lamps I got for $18 (originally $39). Please don't mind the vacuum .... I'm leaving it up there as a hint ;) 

 photo singnture_zps418f4c25.jpg
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