Sometimes It's The Small Things

Sometimes it's the small things that can really brighten your day. This morning at 4:53am my son decided to wake. So I dragged myself out of bed and into his room. As I scooped him up I realized he was a few pounds heavier and the snap was busted open on his pjs. Ahh nothing like an extremely pee-filled diaper.

I quickly changed him and figured since it was so early (or late however to want to look at it) in the morning, I'd have a tough time putting him back to asleep in his crib. So off to mommy and daddy's bed he went! It was quite easy to get him back to sleep next to me. I gave him the boob and he passed out. He and I are every good at co-sleeping since we had too for the first 3 weeks because he had such a hard time at night.

Unfortunately when we co-sleep, this momma doesn't get the best nights sleep. I'm constantly making sure the blankets aren't near his face, getting kicked in the stomach with his ever growing feet, and having to twist my body so he can nurse all night. Needless to say I knew I would be exhausted, and maybe a tad grumpy when we finally did wake.

Normally that would be the case. But this morning I was woken up by my little boy with his arm around mine, licking it. I cracked my eye open, which he saw, and he gave me the biggest, most innocent smile, as if to thank me for taking him into bed this morning and letting him snuggle.

Now how can you have a bad day after that? Oh, and right now he is rolling around our bed making noises!


  1. He is adorable! I let me son co-sleep with me until he was three. He still sneaks in to my bed every once in a while and I cherish it because pretty soon, he won't want to do that anymore! Enjoy the baby days!

    1. Ida thank you so much!! I swore up and down I would NEVER co-sleep...until he was born! Good for you :):) The baby days are slipping away too quickly :(

  2. What a cutie. I love when they catching "peeking" at them and its GO time!

  3. Thank you :):) Haha yes once you make eye's ALL over!! haha


  4. At first, I read it "sometimes it's the stranger things" and I was confused for a moment. A lot of love for the cute little potato you have.

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