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As I was scrolling through Pinterest on this wonderful Monday morning, I came across this quote. I rarely find a quote (unless it is one from one of my literary idols) that stops me in my tracks. But this one did!

It got me thinking about all the hard times I had within the first few months of being a new mom. I had a very hard struggle with breastfeeding, my child wasn't gaining weight, we weren't sleeping, I was exhausted, and I had postpartum depression. During those first few weeks I couldn't get my head above water, and all I could see was what was going wrong not what was going right. 

This quote really puts everything in perspective in just a few words. It acknowledges that there will be hard times, you will get frustrated, not everything will be wonderful. But that amidst all of those things, there are small things that can outshine all those not so fun moments. 

Sitting here, 5 months after the birth of my precious boy, I can see all the moments of sunshine that were sewn into those moments of frustration that I was blind too. Like the moments when my son would finally latch on while nursing, and the calm that came over his body. At the moment that it happened, all I could focus on was okay when is he going to lose the latch, and start all over?! But if I could have just enjoyed in that short moment, I think that whole nursing session would have been a little brighter. 

I know people always tell you to look on the bright side or my LEAST favorite it could be worse. But when you are in that moment, it couldn't be worse for you. If I had found this quote earlier, I would have put it on my phone (since we always have our phones on us!) so it would be a constant reminder to find that small shining moment in a sea of frustration. 

Since isn't that what our babies do? They seize the moments of true happiness and cling to it. This quote will forever be placed in my heart, and in my mind so when those moments of unbelievable exhaustion, frustration, and shear dread come crashing down, I can remember to search for that bright spot, and it will push all those negative moments out of the way!
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  1. That qoute is so true:)

    Like your blog so I will fallow you!

    1. Thank you!!! I'll be hopping on over to your blog as well :):)

  2. Found you via wined down Wednesday hop, and so glad I did! Great quote and great post! I've had my fair share of Breastfeeding struggles too. It gets soo much better! At 11 months we are still going strong after a rough go at first too. Thanks for being real! Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

    1. Thanks for finding me! I hope I can make it 11 months! we are closing in on 6 but the first 2 I had to pump due to nursing issues :( I hope you follow along :)