Top Ten Baby Shower Gifts

Ever stuck as to what to buy someone for a baby shower?
Look no further!
Top ten items that will fit everyones budget!

1. Munchkin Diaper Changing Kit ($15) - This kit makes it so easy to change your little one out in town. It holds plenty of diapers and wipes. It also is easy to wipe down. It is a must have for any mother!

2. Diapers ($12-48 depending of count) - Everyone gets diapers at a shower. If you want to give some, stick to a larger size like 1 or 2 even 3. New mom's get so many newborn sizes that are quickly out grown, leaving mom with boxes of unused diapers.

3. Diaper Genie Elite ($28)- Some will say that it is unnecessary, but I diagree. It really keeps the smell of those poopy diapers under wraps. It is easy to use and you only have to change it every couple of days. I highly recommend it if the mother-to-be isn't in to taking the trash out every day (what new mother has time for that?!)

4. Baby Clothes Hangers ($8) - These are a must! When you get clothing as a gift most people take off the hangers, which leaves you with a lot of clothes sans hangers! They are cheap and eliminate folding those little onesies!

5. Boppy Pillow ($28 naked/$39 with cover) - This is the best nursing pillow out there. Some like the Breast Friend, but I like the Boppy since it is very soft and moldable. My husband even uses it to bottle feed. And it works great for a travel pillow too! Once your baby get's a little bigger they can use it to help them sit up and do tummy time on.

6. Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby ($26) - Best noise maker out there! It has sounds of the ocean, river, and nature. Plus it has lullaby songs. It also has a projector with 3 different slides to project on the ceiling. My baby can't sleep without it! And it is small so it can fit anywhere.

7. Plain White Onesies ($10 pk of 5) - Every baby needs a bunch of these! They are easy to clean since you can just bleach them. They go with everything, and if they do stain them, you can dye them! A must have for every new baby. And just like diapers, get larger sizes!

8. Fisher Price Rock 'N Play ($75) - This product is a life saver! It cradles the baby so they feel secure, it rocks, and it has an incline. So if your baby has reflux like mine did, it will will help keep your baby from spitting up. It is also a great place for your newborn to sleep those first few nights. We keep ours in the living room now as a place for our boy to hang out! Oh, and it comes with a little monkey toy, which he can't go anywhere without!

9. Boba 3g ($120) - This is the best Soft Structure Carrier on the market! There are no infant insert to buy, since you just snap a few buttons and presto! it fits your infant. It can also hold a child up to 45lbs. And it is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Check out my video review HERE

10. Motorola 2.8" Color Video Monitor With Pan/Zoom/Tilt Camera ($189) - This is the best monitor out there! It has a large screen to see your baby. It also will scan the room, has an intercom to talk to the baby from the handheld device, and you can add more cameras at a later point. We use this every night and the picture is amazing. You can also zoom in on your baby which is great!