Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer

When I was registering for our first baby I felt like everyone had an opinion. Buy this, don't buy that, that's a waste of money, we didn't have that 20 years ago so you don't need it now. I learned throughout those 10 months to just smile politely and continue to add what I wanted to my registry.

I have always been a review junkie, so I never added anything on a whim. When it came to my Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer I spent many hours looking at the pros and cons to finally decide that it WAS what I wanted. Well, I was not disappointed.

Lets start by stating that it is not a necessity, just a comfort that I wanted my child to have. If I could have the choice of a wet or cold cloth on my bum, you better believe I'd choose the warm one. This wipe warmer is great. It has a nice long cord, which is great for stringing around the changing table. It has a bright bluish-white light on the front emblem, which makes it possible to do a diaper change without turning the light on, but not too bright it wakes the baby. There are some reviews saying that the pad inside dries out quickly. I have yet to have this problem. I do, however, use Huggies Natural Care wipes (check out that review HERE), and they are extra wet, so that may help.

The temperature of the wipes is perfect. It is wamer than luke-warm but it is not scalding. Once the wipes are taken out they do stay warm for a little bit. This warmer also has great holding capacity, it holds enough wipes for 2-3 days. Of course, it depends on who is doing the wiping (I tend to be more efficient with them than my dear husband).

Overall, I love this warmer. I would absolutely buy it again and recommend it to others as well. If it makes my baby smile to have a warm wipe on his tush, than it was worth every penny!