Thursday's Three!

This past week as been a little hectic with running out of diapers to cooking every night (which I never do!). There have been a few things that have made this week more simple and easier to manage. 

Tumbler Mug

I have such a hard time drinking enough water, but then adding a newborn to take care of makes it 10x harder! I forget to grab a glass of water until I have finally sat down with my Bub and he has fallen asleep....not a good time to be getting up! 
I got this cute tumbler as a bridesmaid gift from my amazing friend. It doesn't force me to drink water, but it makes me want too. It has an easy drinking straw that you don't have to use extreme sucking to get the water through. It fits into my Jeep's cup holder and the cup holder on my stroller - a definite plus!

What is also amazing about this tumbler mug is that since it is doubled-walled it doesn't sweat! That is my biggest pet peeve about any drinking container. I hate when they sweat all over the place. I want the water to drip in my mouth, not down my shirt...or on my Bub's head when I'm holding him! So this does the trick. It get's me to drink water since it keep the ice frozen for hours and it's also wicked cute!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a time saver and I could never go back to not having it. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a membership through that allows you to buy items and get free 2-day shipping or over-night shipping for $3.99. For someone who rarely orders anything online, it would not be worth the $80 yearly fee, but for someone who orders something at least once a week or even once a month, it is a major savings on shipping and time! 
On Monday my husband and I realized we were going to run out of diapers and wipes, oh yea and I broke our Diaper Genie, so we ordered all of it on Amazon. We knew we could go two more days with the diapers we had left, so we used our membership and 2-day shipping and they arrived as promised yesterday. 

It saves me from having to pack my Bub up in my vehicle and drive all over town to grab stuff that we need for the house. I can stay home and it shows up on my door-step by the UPS man that I hate to admit I know by name now. This morning I even ordered a Schwinn jogging stroller and it will be here Saturday morning, in time to go for a walk that afternoon with some friends! 

One last selling point is they allow multiple shipping addresses on the account so you can go in on the membership with a friend to cut the cost. 

Nursing Cover
I bought the "Grace" nursing cover from before my boy was born. I figured I would be using it all the time since I was planning on nursing. Well in the beginning we hard a hard time nursing and I unfortunately had to go to exclusively pumping so I never got to use my beautiful cover! 

But to make a long story short and save you all the details of my troubles, for the past 2 weeks my Bub has been nursing like a champ! About 4 days into his return to nursing, my mother and I decided to take a day trip to Boston and I brought along the pale gray and white cover knowing I would have to nurse. As I sat in he back of my Jeep I pulled it out of my Coach diaper bag and placed it over my neck. I was a little skeptical since it was hot out, but the fabric is the lightest I have seen for a nursing cover. My boy didn't get over heated, and he never noticed when it was draped over him. He actually nursed better since he wasn't distracted. 

Since that trip I've used it a few times with great success. The only thing I wish were different would be the rings that the strap get's looped into. I wish that they were a little thicker so there was less slippage, but it's no big deal. It does on the other hand have a metal wire that is sewn in on the top so it holds itself away from your body, giving you a handsfree view of your babe. 

Lastly, they run deals on their website where if you have the code you can get it for free, just paying shipping. The code is: FREE