Thursday's Three

This week has been more mellow than the past few. My baby has been sleeping through the night (thankfully!) my husbands' work schedule seems to be more consistent, and I'm more rested. So thinking of three things that made my life simpler this week was rather difficult. But after much thought, it really wasn't as hard as I thought. Sometimes I need to simplify my thinking and stop trying to make things a bigger process than they need to be. 
So here are my Thursday's Three:

Munchkin Diaper Kit:


   I don't know how many times I have used this thing in the past 3 months that my boy has been alive. Not only do I use it for travel but I also use it when I don't feel like making the 79th trip up the stairs to his changing table. What is so great about it, compared to other brands, is this is one whole piece. The changing pad is connected by velcro (so you are able to take it off and wash it) but it doesn't go falling to the ground when you unfold it. It has a pocket inside that also has velcro so you can stash diaper cream, diapers, wipes, and they wont fall out. Then another pocket that's open on the top for quick access. On the outside there is also a zipper pocket, which I haven't used yet, but I'm sure it will come in handy one day. The Munchkin also has a padded bar that goes across the top so your little Bub has a soft place to rest their head, which is a major plus!
      Having the Munchkin really makes it easier to change him where ever I go! It is a little bit smaller than the other brands I have seen, but fits his long body wonderfully. It has a strap so you can hang it on your stroller or just carry it since it is super light. It is so much better then placing him directly on those Koala changing tables in public bathrooms (ew germs!) or using a blanket under him. Also, another plus for this money saving SAHM, is it was only $15! Other brands ranged from $18-$30...crazy! And you can get this one anywhere like Tarjay (Target) Wal-Mart, Amazon, Babies R Us, ect.
      I have been trying to think of great baby items I would buy for anyone having a baby (now that I know what I'm doing) and this would make the top of my list!


Let me first start off by saying that I have no music on my computer. In an earlier post I wrote how I had to replace my own hard drive on my MacBook Pro because I heard the dreaded 'clicking', which apparently mean's your hard drive is kicking the bucket. So, as I realized after I put the new one in, all my 10k+ songs were no longer on my computer, ugh! I like to listen to music while I write so I can concentrate. Plus I'm not driving as much as I used too now that I'm a SAHM, so I don't get that time to listen to my Country music. And it's really my only time I can tune everything out and have 'me time' since my husband is awesome and takes care of our Bub when he gets home from work. 

That being said, I needed music! That's when I turn to Pandora. I love it...a lot. I have many channels (as you can see from the picture...which I took while writing this). I don't mind the commercials, but that's also because I'm not going to spend $35 not to have them, so I ignore it. But I can choose my music and I get to hear a lot of new songs that I'd otherwise never hear since they aren't on the radio. This has really gotten me through this week of having no music on my computer, and has helped my sanity. I also have the app on my iPhone so I can play it in my car when I am driving or play it from my iHome when I'm around the house with my Bub. 


My husband and I got this as a wedding gift back in January 2012. I graciously accepted it, but thought "what will I EVER do with this? I don't cook!" Well, I found a use for it (no not as a plant pot!) but I'm actually cooking with it! If you've been following my blog you would know, or I'll let you know now, I hate to cook. No seriously, HATE it. But my husband is a commercial Lobsterman and works his tush off and I want to have dinner ready for him when he gets home. But having a newborn at home, it's hard to do. That's until I remembered I had this thing stashed in the depths of our cabinet! So I dug it out one morning, threw a few things in it, and BAM! I had dinner ready when he came home. 

It was seriously amazing. Why hadn't I been using it all along? Now, realizing how great they are, I am addicted to Pinterest and all the delicious recipes (check out my recipe section for a few I came up with). This has really helped me since I can throw a few things in it in the morning, when my Bub is the quietest, and not have to worry about it. Before, I was scrambling to put something together around 4pm, when he was the most needy, and I'd wind up getting frustrated and just order take-out. Yeah, not the cheapest thing to do! Not only has this saved us money, but my husband keeps telling me how much he loves what I'm making and how happy he is that I'm cooking. Not because "women belong in the kitchen" but because he truly appreciates my hard work. He understands how hard it can be to cook dinner, since he did for me every night for 7 weeks when I was on bed rest. 

My slow-cooker will never again be put under the counter, it has a permanent spot ON TOP! 

Are there things that help you get through the week? I'd love to know what they are, perhaps I could use them too!