Thursday's Three

On Thursday's I will post three things that have my life simpler, smoother, or that I just love this week!

#1: Electric Wine Opener
When it's been a busy week, that last thing you want to do is wrestle with a wine key and hopefully not breaking the cork in the wine bottle. Let me mention also, when using a wine key on some bottles, you better be armed with some guns....on your arms that is! Those dang things are suctioned right in there. So, having my electric wine opener is amazing. I hold it on the top, press a button, and it does all the work. Plus it has a really cool blue light that doubles as a night light in our kitchen!

#2: Remote Start
We usually don't get too many extremely hot days in Maine, but when we do it is matched by extreme humidity! My Jeep is equipped with remote start and I have never appreciated it more than I did today. It was 91 degrees with 96% humidity, not ideal conditions for a newborn in the car. It was so amazing to be able to finishing putting my Bub in his car seat in the house, press a button on my keys and hear my Jeep start up. By the time we got out there, my Jeep was cool and comfortable! Invaluable with a baby in tow.

#3: Monkey!
                  Out of all the expensive toys we have for our son, this little Monkey is the only thing that will break him of hysterics and get him to smile. We don't go anywhere without it! This, also, proved to be invaluable at the grocery store. It's every new mother's fear when their baby starts to cry at the grocery store. I fear no more! At the first sign of discontent, I just shake this puppy (monkey) in his face, and I get the biggest, happiest smile the boy has and I get to finish picking out my wine :)