The wetter the better

Huggies Natural Care Wipes:

   First of all I have to say that I do not like baby wipes in general. I think it's weird that a cloth substance can stay wet for years and not mold. That being said, I do love these wipes (if I had to love a wipe). First and foremost they DO NOT SMELL! A lot of times when you buy a product and it says "fragrance free" it usually has that lingering "fragrance free" scent to it. I think most of us know what scent that is. The one they use to mask the regular scent. But truly I do not smell anything. Perhaps it is just being overwhelmed by the gas my child has...I'll let you be the judge. 
   I also love, and I'm also skeeved out by, the fact that they do stay nice and wet. I have seen the Pamper's wipes dry coming right out of the sealed bag. These are so wet you might be able to wring a drop or two out of them. This is great for two reasons: #1 is they really get your child's tush nice and clean, #2 they will stay wet for a while if you leave the wipe container open for a day or two....HA! 
   The biggest reason I love them, they really do help stave off diaper rash. They are all natural (well as all natural as an ever-wet cloth can be) and they keep the chemicals at a minimal which helps my Bub's rear from breaking out, no matter how many you use. Like my husband who can go through an economy pack within two days. What can I say - he likes his boy squeaky clean...I shall not complain (since this also mean's he's changing diapers!). So all in all, these are the best wipes I've found. They don't smell, will stay went for centuries so you can pass them down to your great grandkids, and don't assist in giving your child that awful looking red bum!
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