The Non-Cooker's EASY Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

I have been using the slow-cooker the past few nights because it has been hot and humid and there was no way I was turning the stove on. Oh yeah, and my husband said I was ordering out too much, oops! Well, come on, it's so easy and quick, especially with a newborn to take care of. Okay back to the is a staple in the kitchen I have realized. So many people have told me how fantastic they are and I just brushed them off, well I owe them dinner now!

So today I wanted chicken, but I was sick of baked chicken, so I decided BBQ chicken sandwich's sounded good. It's a nice summer taste, and it can be done without a grill (since we're out of propane!). When making it in the slow-cooker it turns into a pull-pork style BBQ chicken, which is delicious. So this is how I did it...and remember I make all my recipes wicked easy since I hate to cook!


Chicken Breast (I used 2 breast so we'd have left overs)
BBQ sauce - I used Sweet Baby Ray's
Hamburger Buns

Now for the sides this is where it get's fun... 
I used left over corn from my pork ribs I made last night
and left over egg salad from a BBQ the other day. This sandwich is great
to use with any leftovers!

So pull any leftovers out of your fridge and use them up!

How To Cook:

1. Defrost chicken (if frozen - obviously don't need too if its not frozen!)

2. Layer the bottom of the slow-cooker with a healthy amount of BBQ sauce

3. Place chicken in the pot (if there is going to be more than one layer of chicken do the next step first then repeat)
4. Use another healthy serving of BBQ sauce to cover the chicken. You need a good sized serving because once it's cooked you'll need the extra - so don't worry -it's not too much!

5. Cook on low for about 7-8 hours. 

6. After the time is up the BBQ sauce will have a sticky crust to it - that's a good thing!

7. Once it's done you want to take a fork and rip the chicken apart. I found it was easier using two forks to tear it. It will come apart very easily. Then mix all that extra sauce in with the chicken

8. Dish it out on the hamburger bun and add your sides! 

If you make this please let me know your thoughts, what I could do differently, or what variations you tried!