Sunday Family Fun Day

I love Sunday's. They are relaxing, there's nothing on t.v. (which is great!), and my husband is home. Today, he actually asked if we, as a family, wanted to walk to the center of town (2 miles away) to grab a hot dog at the local stand. I was STUNNED! He never wants to do anything physical on his day off since he does physical work as a commercial lobsterman all week. I understand, so I never push it. But today, I jumped at the chance!

It has been really hot up here in my grand ol' state of Maine, and today was no exception. It was pushing 90 degrees and humid. But I was not going to let that stop us. So I loaded up the stroller with lots of water and off we went.

We didn't get but 200 feet before the sweat started dripping off of both of us. But man, those hot dog's did sound we kept on trekking. It was really nice, despite the temperature. Our 12 week old boy was snoozing in the covered stroller, and my hubby and I cruised passed houses, talking about our "dream house" that we will have in the future. I am adamant on having a pool, he on having a boat shop.

When we got to the town center, I grabbed a bench in the shade and he fetched the grub. Now these hot dogs from Danny's stand are famous. No seriously, they are known around the country. As we ate, we people watched and chatted with our boy who woke up once we got to the bench. We didn't stay long due to the heat and we were egar to get back to our A/C'd townhouse.

On the way back the conversation was about the same, which is fun. It is so nice to have a relaxing day where we don't talk about work or how many diapers I've changed. We got to be a husband and wife for a few hours, not mommy and daddy since our boy was fast asleep as soon as we started moving again.

Ah, but to get back to the A/C was delightful!

Looking forward to next Sunday :)

Cooling down in front of the AC with daddy

Fast asleep after a long walk and a good feeding


  1. Cute little boy. Hot in Maine? I he always imagined it being cool there. Found you on bloggy moms and following via bloglovin now.
    Angela @ Time with A & N (

    1. Thank you :) Yea it does get really hot here in July, between 80-90. The killer is the humidity! Thank's for the follow! I'll skip on over to your blog :)


  2. Love reading about people appreciating the little things we take for granted, time together. The Older I get the more I am learning that life isn't about "tomorrows" but the moments right now. My kids are both in high school and the years are flying by...

    1. Christa - You are absolutely right that things aren't about the "tomorrows". Time flies so fast that I've learned to live in the moment. I love the simple moments in life that don't take any effort or planning!