Rockin' Rock 'n Play!

Rock N' Play (RnP):
    Okay let me first start out by saying we did not buy the Rock 'N Play, or even consider it, until we were desperate for our 5 day old baby to sleep. I had heard about it and read some negative reviews about babies getting the horrid "flat head". But seriously, the reviews were making it sound like if the parent even had a fleeting thought of buying one, the child's head instantly took the shape of a pancake. Well the rebels that we are, we bought it! I say rebels because before he was in the RnP, he was sleeping next to me in bed...yeah yeah I know people have their opinions. My only opinion is that I love a sleeping baby, and that's exactly what he was doing when he was laying next to me breathing in my "unshowered musk" all night. 

    So we went out really early one morning and picked it up at our beloved Tarjay (Target for all you Walmart shoppers). That night he was out like a light. What I love is that it is inclined just enough so he isn't flat on his back. Which was good for us since he had reflux issues in the beginning. And being the nervous first time mother that I was (I say was because I've lightened up a tad) it eased my nerves knowing he wouldn't be choking on his spit-up. 
    Another reason why I love it, is that it cradles him so I can easily transition him from my arms to the RnP and he still feels secure. Also, it rocks...hence the name. So I can sit and do things and rock him with my foot. This has been proved to be handy many many times. 
We do not use the straps that hold him in. Yup that's the rebel in us! I mean come on, where is a 9 week old really going to wonder off to if not strapped in? So I place a receiving blanket down to cover the straps. Plus it gives us something to cover him with if he wants it.
So after all the negative reviews, I say go out and get one! It saved us. It is now a permanent fixture in our living room. I can place him in it to go pee (since I haven't made the leap to Depends yet. Ha!) or to make a bottle of nicely pumped milk. 
 As you can tell by the lines on his face, I seamlessly transferred him from my chest to the RnP. This also shows the blanket being used to cover the straps.
And my over-protective cat watching out over my Bub!