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Okay, let's talk coffee. I figured it was appropriate for any mother, wife, or human being in general to have a coffee making device at the top of my list of *must have* items. It is what starts our day, and for most of us it is a permanent fixture in our kitchen. So let me give you a little back story. Before I was married, when Keurig first came out, my mom and I (yup that's right I was living with my mom since I didn't move in with my husband until we got married!) ran out and got one. We figured it would be a great thing to have since we are both on the go so early in the morning. We were not impressed at all. It didn't make strong or hot enough coffee. We quickly reverted back to our old coffee pot. Well, actually she did, and I went back to the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru. The machine sat for a few months then she finally brought it to her work to use in the staff room. Apparently those Mammographer's drink lots of coffee....I guess I would too if I spent the day "gently compressing" boobies!

Okay, back to my new found love for the Keurig. Once I got married last year and I realized how much I was spending at my beloved DD drive-thru since it was quick, I decided I needed to do something about it! I had a beautiful Cuisinart stainless steel coffeemaker which is PERFECT for two or more coffee drinkers and for making large amounts of iced coffee in the summer. But for my every day 1-2 cups a day I needed something where I wouldn't be wasteful (plus my husband doesnt drink coffee...crazy I know!). 

My wonderful, non-coffee drinking, hubby decided to go out and spend the $128 (at Sam's Club) and get me my Keurig. It came with 30 K-Cups which was wonderful because they are so dang expensive. Then I realized that 30 didn't go far! Especially since, I think, 10 were decaf. If I'm going to drink coffee there better be caffeine in it! We thought it might be cheaper to order them on Nope, still expensive. So here I was again with a Keurig that I wasn't using. (However, let me note, that in that year I was Keurig free, they had fixed and re-released a new Keurig that was now making piping hot coffee). So, to solve this expensive habit, I went and bought the reusable filter ($14). It made all the difference! I fill it every morning using my Dunkin' Donuts ground coffee. I can make it as strong as I want, by packing it really full, which you can't do with the K-Cups. It is wonderful! Heats up fast and produces a cup of coffee in less than a minute. Now, I use the disposable Chinet cups (so I don't spill coffee on my Bub...I know its not environmentally friendly but I'd rather not burn him with an open cup and I don't like thermos types). With the Keurig, if you want more than 8oz you have to use the large and small settings, lending itself to an extra 30 seconds, but no big deal!

To end, I would highly recommend this coffee-making device as a staple in the kitchen! We get a lot of use out of it and in the winter my husband uses it for his hot chocolate and I for tea. Plus, it has really pretty blue lights!

Yes, and my Flintstone's Vitamins...I put them there so I remember to take them!
Chinet Cup
(behind is my coffee blog you just read!)

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