Finally Got Burned

My slow-cooker that is! This past week I have been all about the slow-cooker and making easy-peasy recipes. I was so excited to try slow-cooker mac 'n cheese last night, that I went out to the store the night before and got all the ingredients (only to find out we actually had half of them stashed around the kitchen). Yesterday morning I got up, took care of my Bub, laid him down for a nap, then got to work on the mac 'n cheese.

I was just bouncing around the kitchen with excitement. I love mac 'n cheese and I have a new found love for my slow-cooker, so what an awesome combo right? Well, as I was all enthralled in the awesomeness, I misread the recipe. Actually I read the recipe just fine, and got all the ingredients in the pot and ready to go. I misread the cooking time. Actually I may not have read it at all since I figured if you put something in the slow-cooker and set it to low, then it ALWAYS takes 6-8 hours. WRONG! Oh how so wrong I was.

As the day passed and I checked (shhh don't tell, but I lifted the lid for a second to take a peak - that's a big no no in the slow-cooker world!), and it looked delicious! Wait a second, it actually looked like it was cooked by noon time. But that can't be, it still had (by my knowledge, or lack of) another 6 hours. So I put the lid back on and walked away, not giving it another thought.

Then 5:00 rolls around, my Bub is sleeping so beautifully on my chest, and I hear this popping and hissing sound coming from the kitchen. Ugh, well I can't get up since you never, ever, ever wake a sleeping baby. So I just let it be, things don't burn in the slow-cooker right? HA! Thankfully my Bub woke up about 15 minutes later, so I quickly put him down and rushed into the kitchen to find a brick of charred mac 'n cheese. My heart sank....but my mind went right to "yayy we can have take-out pizza!". But then it went right back too, crap I have to somehow scrape a congealed mound of cheese and overcooked noodles out of this pot.

After about 10 minutes of breaking it up I was able to get some big hunks out, then let it soak overnight. I came back to it this morning and was able to chisel out the rest, and let it soak again. It is now 9:55am and I will attempt my mac 'n cheese again tonight, but starting it at 2pm....