Boston Bound With Baby

Foggy Boston Day

Being from Maine, I travel to Boston quite a bit. There is always something to do there. Either going to a Red Sox game, shopping, visiting the science museum, or eating in the authentic Italian North End. Well, yesterday was the Grand Opening of the new Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium. It was a members only gala, and I am a proud member, and there was no better time to introduce my Bub to my beloved Boston, and my love for fish.

It was a short trip since the event started at 6:30pm, so we didn't get down there until 4pm. We, my mother and Bub, would have gotten there sooner, but it takes a village to get him all packed and in the Jeep. Thankfully my mother came over and helped me out after I sent her an "I need help, I'm struggling" text message. She was able to feed and change him while I got ready. If it wasn't for that, we wouldn't had gotten there until the next renovation of the aquarium!

The car ride was pretty uneventful. He slept the entire way, there was no traffic (which is huge going into Boston), and my mother and I got 2 hours to chat. We were able to park right next to the Aquarium at a discounted rate as a perk of our membership. It was about 4pm and we were hungry but didn't want to stray too far from he aquarium, so we decided to be a tourist and just eat at Legal Seafood. Now I say "be a tourist" when it comes to eating there, because coming from Maine where my husband is a lobsterman, it's hard for me to eat at large seafood restaurants like that. It is a gimmicky place that always sucks in the "highlanders" (as my husband calls anyone who doesn't live by the water and have direct access to local seafood). However, they had outdoor seating which was a plus since it was hot and it was too noisy inside for an infant.

While the restaurant, it was my first experience changing my boy's diaper out in public. It went pretty well. I am so happy I have a diaper changing kit that comes with a diaper changing pad and a place to stash diapers, wipes, ect. Mine is the Munchkin brand, and I LOVE it! The bathroom, although it looked clean enough, still skeeved me out. So I went into the handicap stall, where the changing table was, and placed the changing pad down and went to work. They did offer a Diaper Genie as a receptacle, however it was broken and overflowing. Needless to say, I couldn't get out of there fast enough! During dinner, Bub was amazing. He just sat there taking it all in. I got to enjoy some wine and more chit-chat with mom.

After dinner we headed right for the aquarium which was next to the restaurant. He promptly fell asleep while we were waiting in line and until we got inside. It was rather dark, as most aquariums are and had a different smell. He woke up, I changed him (again!) and decided it was time to wear him in the Boba. I figured it would help with the stimulation, which it did. We were able to make it through the entire place, but I had to keep walking for him to be content.

Afterwards, we went back to the Jeep and I nursed in the backseat - I waited until I got to the car since it had A/C! Then he fell asleep on the ride home. He is such a good traveler, and I have overcome my fear about him being out in town. Nobody really cares if he whines a little, they just stop and say how cute he is - I'll take that!

Overall I would say it was a successful first trip to Boston, with many more to come...I mean he is only 2.5 months old! >

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