Boba 3g Review

Boba 3g Soft Structure Carrier:
       First off let me say this has been a lifesaver! My little Bub for the first few weeks of life had a hard time falling asleep. That's until my brother saw this on my registry and purchased it for me. As soon as I put my Bub in it he falls right asleep! This leaves me able to get up and get things done around the house since I'm hands free. What I really love is, unlike the Ergo, there is no infant insert. You just flip it over and snap two buttons to shorten it and BAM! its ready for your infant! Mine was purchased off of Amazon for $120, and it was worth every cent my brother paid, ha! No but seriously, I would have paid (myself) more than that. 
      The only drawback is the color that I got. I got the black and with my cats and the floating tumbleweeds, the dang thing gets covered so I carry around a lint roller. I would suggest another color if you were to purchase it. But my loving husband said he would not use it if it were anything than the "manly"'s black and he has yet to use it....trickery!