Weekend Wedding Adventures....with an infant!

Okay me start out by saying, the wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended! I was so fortunate to be able to be apart of such a special day for my dearest friends.

That being said, it was crazy! Let's start from the morning of the rehearsal dinner. So, as you had read previously, my Bub had his 2 month shots the day before. Well, the next day (rehearsal dinner day) he woke up with a fever. Yup, I took my first rectal temperature, that was an adventure of it's own! That being said, it took my husband and I 6 hours to pack for one over-night! That is just absurd! I felt like I was walking through mud the entire day, I just couldn't get out of my own way. For example, I fell down the stairs. Oh I didn't just trip a little. I slipped, buckled my leg under me and slid down the entire flight! After I caught my breath, all I thought was I better not have a massive bruise for this wedding! Thankfully the only thing that was bruised was my pride.

Now fast-forwarding to the hotel and rehearsal dinner. Once we arrived at the Inn, we went to check in to our room. Well funny thing, when my husband opened the door with baby and wife in tow, he slowly started backing back into the hallway. Next thing I know an older gentlemen was at to the door, pants unzipped, and dress pants in hand. Clearly the room was not vacant and they double booked the room! Well that was rather awkward, so back down to the lobby we went to get a new, empty room. The Inn was really gracious about it and even upgraded up to an ocean view! Too bad the fog was as thick as pea soup.

After unpacking and quickly changing, we rushed down to the rehearsal. Well, we were a little late and actually missed it! So we rushed right to dinner. Here is where the baby adventure began. He started to fuss so my husband took him (he was in the car seat clicked into the stroller) for a walk. As he did that I hit the open bar. Ha! After two glasses of wine I realized that my two men were not back yet. Dinner was about to be served and I didn't want them to miss it. I quickly went out and checked the lobby and hallways. I didn't find them. I ran, literally, to the room (since I wasn't smart enough to just call the room from the front desk), didn't find them there either. As I was about to give up, I found them ambling around the lobby. As I was explaining that dinner was about to be served, I heard a lot of laughter out of the dining room. CRAP! We've missed the toast by the grooms father! I quickly go to the door to realize it was locked. As I'm pulling on it like a fool, the bartender, Steve, walked me around the other door. I snuck in then opened the locked door so my Hub and Bub could make a quiet entrance. Well it didn't stay quiet for long. Bub was in the room all of about ten seconds when he started to squirm then cry....right at the end of the toast! Mortified, my husband said he would go for another walk. I figured he had learned his lesson and would stick around the lobby until I came and got him. NOPE! He vanished. After the speech I went on the search again. Now he can't go far since the sky had opened up and was raining sideways outside, but some how he disappeared! This time I got a little smarter. I asked bartender Steve if he had seen him. He said no but would keep and eye out. Then I ran to the room, again, no one there. Oh he also had the room key and my cell phone on him, so I couldn't get in the room (so I just knocked) or call his cell. At this point I gave up. My lobster was getting cold. I headed back and stopped off at the bar for an update and to get another drink. My hub can make his way back when he's ready, I was eating!

Well Apparently I was wrong. He wasn't going to make his way back. He never returned. Bartender Steve even sent out the wedding planner to find him, to no avail. I couldn't keep searching for him, so I finished my dinner, thinking about saving him some but realized I was famished, had another drink and chatted with the bride and groom. Once dinner was cleared I decided to go back to the room to change into some flip-flops, stopping by the front desk to get a spare key on the way.

When I reached the room, I found Hub and Bub casually laying on the bed watching tv! Seriously?! Giving him a chance to explain, I found out that Bub broke out into hysterics in the lobby and needed to go back to the room. He then loaded his diaper and was hungry. I listened intently then told them they needed to get up and head back downstairs. Dinner was over  and people were socializing so it didn't matter if Bub was fussy. So we dressed him in his lobster onesie and headed down. Stopping at the bar, again, to tell Steve I had found them and grab another drink.

Alright, this is getting really long winded and needs to wrap up! So that night since he still had a fever and he slept with me. Oh how I loved my snuggles all night! Then the next day, I got ready with the bridal party and Hub & Bub stayed in the room relaxing, ordering room service, and snuggling. I was jealous of the snuggle time they were getting. Once 3pm hit, my mother showed up and took over baby-watching and my Hub got ready for the wedding. Boy, didn't he look swell! The night ended around 10pm and my Bub had slept the entire time. Then we headed back to the room, packed up, got in my Jeep and went home. We would have stayed another night but my husband, being a lobsterman, had to be home to fish the next morning.

There were a lot more details, but I won't bore you. I will end by saying, traveling with a child isn't that hard. I just would not recommend doing it right after they get their shots. But this means that any travel in the future will be a piece of cake!
Hub & Bub ordering room service!