The reason for all the madness....

Being a wife and mother is crazy and trying but it is worth every tear and every second of lost sleep to see this...

They are my world. Sometimes I can't distinguish between Reece's and my husbands farts and burps, since Reece blows 'em big! But at the end of the day they are ridiculously cute together and make me laugh so hard sometimes I pee myself ....or do I pee myself because I have lost some sort of bladder control due to pregnancy? Depends are looking better an better every day!


  1. Love the blog so far! My son (almost 12 weeks) prefers my floppy ta-tas for pillows as well! Quite the cutie you have there!

  2. Very cute, mama! Yeah, when I look at this little guy I think "Very soon you will be loud and obnoxious like your big sibs" But that's okay, because even when they are at their worst I am somehow able to see the absurd adorable-ness of a toddler tantrum and have to hide my smiles.