Sleeping Bub

As I write I have my precious baby boy on my chest sleeping. You may think "why is he laying on her chest?" "Why isn't she up doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, or catching up on sleep?" Well I will tell you why....I have created a monster! My baby boy Reece aka "Bub" will only nap for extended periods of time on me. Perhaps its the "unshowered musk" I wear on a daily basis or the fact that I sometimes leak milk on his face, but either way if I want an hour of uninterrupted time, on the chest he goes. It does have its advantages though. First being that when my lovely husband comes home from lobstering and the house is a mess and dinner is being delivered by Dominos, I can tell him that the baby needed to sleep. And what does that mean? I sit and be lazy and let the poor droopy-eyed infant take advantage of my floppy-galaopy boobs as his personal pillow.

That being said, I look around at the house. Yup, it's a mess. I have cat-hair tumbleweeds floating aimlessly across the kitchen floor, last nights dinner dishes that could be mistaken for petri dishes, and tonights dinner that hasn't even been thought of. So this leads me to Pinterest. I can sit and scroll through that site for HOURS! It has all the best organizing tricks, yummy recipes, and amazing fashion. I immerse myself in it while Bub snores on my chest, just to realize that I can't cook those recipes. I am a horrid cook! If water could burn, I would burn it. So what's for dinner? The aforementioned Dominos! Oh those parmesan bread-bites just make my mouth tingle with joy. Which reminds me, I haven't eaten lunch. But that's right, I can't get up if I want my little sleeper to actually sleep!

Oh the dilemmas of being a mom. A sleeping baby is clearly more important then eating.