Shotty Behavior

      For any mother out there you know the 2 month wellness/check-up appointment is horrid, and for any soon to be mother or human being at all, stay tuned and you'll see why! Let me start of by saying that my Bub is generally a very happy baby. He only cries when he's overly tired, hungry, or has a crappy diaper (which is more often than not the case). That being said, I have heard horror stories of the 2 month check-up. They get stripped down to their diaper, weighed, poked and prodded, and then the dreaded vaccinations. Okay, let's stop right here for a moment. Some of you may be against vaccinations. Well I am not, and I am not lending this space for debates about either side. Okay, let's move on :) So yes, he had to get one oral medication and 3, yes 3 shots! My heart broke just thinking of it.
      So today I knew I needed reinforcement for this appointment. Since my husband was lobstering, I called my mother (Grandma) and she jumped at the chance to come. We leave for the appointment early since I needed to finalize some gifts for my dear friends wedding I am in this weekend (I'll blog about that adventure this weekend....can't wait!!). On the way to the store I swear Bub knew this was no ordinary errand day, something was up. His whines turned into cries, so I dropped my mother off to do my dirty work at the store, then he started to scream. So what can a mother do but circle the strip-mall 47 times trying to lull him back to sleep. I swear people outside thought I was casing the joint since I made so many passes in my black Jeep with my black sunglasses and serious face on.
      Once the goods were purchased, Grandma hopped back into the Jeep and off we went. Unfortunately, the doctors office was a mere 500ft down the road. As we reach the medical office driveway I fly right by thinking he will fall fast asleep if I drive for a few more minutes at a faster speed. Yeah, in my dreams! So, we make it to the doctors and surprisingly he is calm. Why is he always calm when we reach our destination?  Oh, because he is amazing! We all know the drill from here; check-in at the front desk, wait, get called in. Thankfully there was no wait. The anticipation was killing me! So we go in.
      Now for those of you who don't know, when you go in for your Bub's appointment they make you get them down to their diapers, measure them, take them down the hall to weigh them, then they have to wait, undressed mind you, for the doctor. Well everything was like clockwork today. Got measured (25'' - 96%) and got weighed (12lbs11oz - 68%). Yup PERFECT! Then the doctor came right in. Oh, and if you find a doctor you truly love, hold on to them! I have a pediatrician that is amazing *sigh*.
      Ok so fast forward to the end. The nurse comes in (the Doc doesn't do the shots) with a tray, yes a tray of syringes! I just about died. Okay breath. So I laid my Bub down, now dressed in the cute little blue crab romper (shown down in another thread), and held the top half of his body. The first vaccination was oral. He did okay. But if looks could kill, Bub would have killed that nurse seven times over! Then came the shots in his chubby little thighs. So this was how she prepared me, "you will hear a scream from him you've never heard before" oh comforting lady! She picked up the syringe and I tensed looking at him. As she inserted it in, his eyes grew and he looked at me as if I had betrayed him then broke out into hysterics. I died right there, but then she did it two more times! When she was done I snatched him up so fast and smothered him (not literally, that would not be safe) on my chest. He calmed down and I gave him as much momma milk as he could handle. During this time I had tears streaming down my face, gasping for air. Then I look over at Grandma and she is the mirror image of me. Again, I died.
       Funny thing is, Bub was okay two minutes after, but I was a wreck. I felt as if I had sent him off to get tortured! So let's, again, fast forward to now. He has now had his dose of Children's Tylenol - which let me say was worse than giving him the shots! - and he is curled up on Daddy's chest sleeping it off.
       So for the sake of ending this story that has scarred me for life, everyone was right; it's worse on the mother than child. But no worries, I get to do it all over again in August!
I couldn't bare post a crying picture, so this is him sleeping after