Another hurdle jumped!

Last night was the first night that Bub has slept through the night! Okay for those with wizard babies who slept through the night the first night home, this might not be a big deal. But to any normal mom, this is monumental! Okay so from day one to week three he has slept with me in bed. Then we transitioned to the Rock N' Play then ...don don don...THE CRIB!  That was feat number one. He did well as long we as have the mattress propped up with a beach towel under it. Yea, he got spoiled with the incline of the Rock N' Play and will not longer sleep flat on his back.

Okay I digress about the sleeping arrangements. Back to sleeping through the night! So he was like clockwork with his night feedings: up at 10pm, 130am, and 530am. Well ladies and gents, last night he ate at 10pm and didn't wake until 430am!

Well here is the husband and I, who are now trained to get up at certain times, woke up in a panic at 2am thinking we had slept through his cries and didn't feed him. Only to look at the monitor and find him out like a light!

So, once the panic subsided, we quickly went back to sleep. Come 4am my little Bub gently woke up, and my hubby and I discussed who would feed him. Since he usually does the 130am and I do the 530am we were confused as to who's feeding it was. Yes first-world problems I know. But I made the executive decision and said it was his turn since I had to be hooked up to the boob machine.

So after the feeding and pumping we put him back to sleep and did not hear a peep out of him until 830 this morning!

Ahh its the small things in life. I am so well rested and full of energy, but all he wants to do is sleep on me. So sitting is what I will do.


  1. No way! That's awesome! My little mister still hasn't slept through the night yet.. Ugh!